Friday, April 22, 2016

Dominate Your Niche With Our Janesville SEO Services

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Janesville SEO Company
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our Janesville SEO page.  You probably found this page because you were searching Google for companies that can help you get your website ranking, and you came across us, Badger SEO.  You are definitely in the right place, as Badger SEO offers affordable SEO services to the entire Janesville area.

Why Consider SEO Marketing?

I could go on for pages and pages about why SEO marketing is a good idea.  Since you are here reading this, I can only assume that you realize no one uses phone books and yellow Pages any more.  You must know that when people need something, they simply pick up their phone, tablet, or computer and do a quick Google search.  The times have changed, and if your business is not there to be found when people search for the products and/or services you offer you have no chance to acquire that lead.

The above statement is not meant to be used as a scare tactic, it is me just stating the truth.  Being able to be found online is the BEST way to market your local business, period!

SEO is not all about rankings.  There is so much more to it than that, and one of the biggest things that makes SEO crucial to your marketing plan going forward is solidifying your brand.

A big part of SEO these days is nailing down your brand.  Before anything else, the #1 thing you should do is build up what we call a social fortress, which will work to establish your brand, as well as build a high level of trust in Google.

What Can Badger SEO Do For You?

You found us by doing a Google search.  If you were to check out the landscape on google for Lake Geneva SEO, you will notice that we have blanket domination.  While that keyword is not overly competitive, it shows that we know how to get multiple page 1 rankings for a business, and we can do the same for you.

In this day and age you have choices when it comes to who you have handle your SEO marketing.  I can tell you this much, Josh at Badger SEO has been involved in internet marketing for over 5 years, and is always up to date on the most cutting edge, and effective strategies that will get you ranked, and keep you there.  In the last year alon, he has invested over 9K into local business SEO from some of the best SEO's in the entire world.  The results he gets with his own site is the proof.

Aside from the rankings, Badger SEO work with total transparency.  You will never have any surprises (aside from the great rankings), and you will always know what is going on and when.  We truly believe that referrals are the best compliment, and our goal with every client is total satisfaction so they are more likely to spread the word about our awesome results and friendly services.

What Now?

Badger SEO can help you get to where you want to be.  If you are tired of losing business to your competition, and want to get on the fast track to a strong online presence contact us today about our Janesville SEO services.

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